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Here you can write your Book reviews. Please be so kind not to give too much important content away.

Thank you very much for taking part in the reading group.

Best wishes,


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After finishing this book I would like to write down my final impressions and my review now.

To put it in a nutshell - I love this book!
It is a wonderful and emotional story about two persons with a multiple personality. I haven't known much about MPS before and the book brought the subject nearer to me - in a way that the information bears in mind and that gives an insight into a complex and in some way difficult phenomenon.
It is presented with empahty and really good and right sense of humour.

The characters become lively and likable so I really I have taken them to my heart and I have been really sad to 'leave' them at the end of the book.
I am really happy about reading it and will recommend it without compunction.

Matt - thank you very much for creating such a book for your readers and accompanying this reading group. It has been really interesting to get to know even more additional information about the book, the subject and your thoughts.
Ein Buch ist ein Garten, den man in der Tasche trägt.

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    • libromanie - All you can read

first of all I want to thank Matt for accompanying this reading-group, for kindly answering all our questions and giving lots of interesting background-information. That was a brilliant experience.
I also want to thank all the other participants. Reading the book together and discussing it with you was a real enrichment for me, because of your many interesting ideas, which made me think more about the book than I would have done if I'd read it for me alone.

Now some words about the book:
I really enjoyed reading the story, learning about MP and accompanying Andrew and Penny on their way. The characters were lively, likeable and (most of the time) behaved credibly.
Reading the book was real fun, but also saddening - a wonderful mixture of emotions, never over-the-top. The plot was gripping, only the thriller-part in the end was a bit unnecessary in my eyes. The book would have been thrilling enough even without it.
Nonetheless, Set This House in Order is a very special book, which I'll surely recommend to other readers.

So, now that I've read two books by Matt - which are totally different but both of them really good - I think it's time to buy the next one. Maybe we'll have a reading-group again some time... :)

Best wishes,

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I was busy during the last couple of days, but I still want to share my opinons on the reading group and the book.

I would also like to thank Matt Ruff for joining the reading group, answering all the questions and giving interesting insights to the background of this book. That was great. I also enjoyed reading all the opinions of all the other participants.

To the book itself:
It was a fun read. A book I really enjoyed and I'll probably always remember and recommend because of the very well developed characters and story plot. I enjoyed learning about MPD and to get an insight of what it is like t suffer from this disease.
This book is entertaining and shocking at the same time. It can make you laugh, shake your had or even shock you with the things that happen to the characters. The best part is definitely the interaction of the different souls of the two main characters, Andrew and Penny. This is a book that is worth to be read. There should be more books like that.

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Finally I short review regarding the reading group and reading experience.

First I'd like to thank Matt Ruff for attending this reading group! Thank you so much for all those detailed insights concerning MPS. I hadn't had any knowledge about MPS worth mentioning before reading 'Set this house in order'. I highly appreciated every comment made by Matt.
Also, I really enjoyed reading all those discussions concerning the story. Unfortunately my reading was a little slow, so I weren't able to participate in most of those talks. Nevertheless, I enjoyed them pretty much  :)

This book provided me with a special experience - it is... yes... hard to describe it with one adjective... sometimes really breathtaking. It's definite one of the best books I read in the last few years. Thanks Matt for that great story! I've already recommended the book to a very good friend and I'm sure, he will love it too!
Liebe Grüße



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