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Here you can write your book review and your opinion on the reading group in general. Please take your time to participate here as well – at least an upshot of the reading group (from the author as well  ;) ) is always and interesting and much appreciated.

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Hello everybody.

To the Reading Group:

First I want to say/write thank you to Markus and Mariechen for your Company. I really liked your writings, they were very interesting.
I think it was a really nice reading group, and I'm sorry, that I was a little bit late and slow with reading and writing. But I enjoyed the book.

To the book:

The book thief was a very interesting experience for me and I was really sad when the book ended. I like the story of Liesel and the other persons.
I laughed, cried and felt with the protagonists.
When I had time for reading I couldn't stop and I was caught in the story.
Before I start reading I knew a lot of opinions to the book which were all very positive and I had big expectations to it, but I must say, I'm not disappointed.

“Du warst mein Schwert und mein Schild, als ich mich nicht zu schützen vermochte. Männer wie du sind selten, Ollowain. Danke, dass du an meiner Seite stehst. Du bist das Licht in meinen dunkelsten Stunden.”
Bernhard Hennen - Elfenlicht

Offline Cuddles

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Hello everyone and a happy new year!

About the book
"The book thief" was a very special book for me. Like Kathchen I had high expectations because of all the good reviews but these expectations were all fulfilled. The story is told from Death's point of view which felt a bit odd in the beginning, but soon I got used to it. From his perspective we watch all the characters act from a distance somehow - but nevertheless I felt with them and  awaited intently what would happen to them. At some points Death reveals how the story would end but anyway I couldn't stop reading. The ending was perfect - sad but happy I would call it.

About the reading group
I really enjoyed this reading group. It was ok with me that everyone had his/her own reading pace. I liked to read your comments
Of course, a special thanks goes to Mariechen and Markus. Thank you for all the information and stories about your family you gave and told us! :-*



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