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Hello Jonathan!
Sorry,that I needed so long for letter, but I have now again school... 
Thanks for your answers!
I think, I look simply forward to the film.  ;D
Thank for your candor in this forum. 
Best wishes,
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Above all, I want to thank Jonathan that he spends his time to answer the questions that were asked during this discussion. Thank you VERY, VERY MUCH for your detailed, informative and nice answers - it's great!! In this manner, it was a great pleasure to glean all the questions and your replys ;)

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to join this reading group from the very first, what I regret SO much.
I started reading "Ptolomy's Gate" right now and recognized how much I've missed Bartimaeus and his dry, sarcastic comments - it's wonderful to be back in Bartimaeus's world! The characters have developped so believable and authentic - it's amazing. I've already read the first 150 pages and I'm looking forward to enjoy the whole book during the next days. ;D Very good job,  Jonathan!

I've got a signed (German) copy of the first volume in the Bartimaeus-trilogy (I gave it to a friend who met you in Munich when you were there two years ago) - the tiny, funny demon you drew is really cute! Do you still draw it when you sign your Bartimaeus-books? :)

Best regards,
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Hello Valentino,

Glad to hear you're enjoying the book! I'm also pleased you've got a signed copy... Yep, I usually draw some version of that little demon when I sign the books. I'm not sure that everyone is pleased to get it, mind you!

I'll be back in Munich at the end of next week. Looking forward to a return visit very much!

Best wishes,

Jonathan :)

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Maybe someone in this forum can help me, if Jonathan is not here anymore?!
My question is: Where can I get an autograph of Jonathan Stroud? I am not sure if I can come to any autograph lesson in London, or Munich...
Is there a official address where I could send an autograph-wish?!
I` d really like to put the autograph into my first Bartimaeus book. :) Especially when he draws a little demon to the autograph  ;)

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